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      , by Sonia E. Ravech

During the twentieth century, the second largest Jewish population in the United States lived in the Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan area of Boston, now known more familiarly as the DRM.

Sidewalk Memories-A DocumentaryThis area, as it was, no longer exists. Describing life in this urban Jewish community to children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, who now live in the suburbs and all over the country, is virtually impossible. It is hard for them to understand or visualize that the primary factor that held all these area residents together was -- each other.

Through the use of video and Internet technology, it is now possible to not only show them this historic past, but also to preserve it for future generations. It has been said that such a neighborhood life, as existed during those times, could never come again.

For these reasons "Sidewalk Memories" is a video history of the DRM area which will be bringing this story to life.

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