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Comments and Letters from Readers...

Letter from Bibi Goldstein: Dear Ken, Thank you so much for the great tape. It brought back so vividly memories of a "Smiley Neighborhood" and all that we shared together ....
Letter from Emily Kopans, Falmouth ME: Ken, I have enclosed the photos we discussed. I found notes...
"Growing Up Jewish in the 1940's" , an article written by Sonia E. Ravech
Watching the film playing at Maxie’s Deli brought back all kinds of memories of growing up throughout the 1960’s, from age 6 to age 15, in a three-family house on Lucerne Street ...
Early in July, we received a donation and letter from a former Dorchester/Mattapan resident who had seen our brief trailer playing at Maxie's Delicatessen, in Stoughton. The letter expresses the sentiments of all of us and we would like to share this with you.
"I was visiting my son in Groton a week ago when my daughter who lives in Sharon visited and brought the July 7, Sharon Advocate for me to read. I am impressed with you proposed project and would like to help support it."
"I lived at 5 Verrill Street in Mattapan, accross from Temple Beth Hillel. I still miss those days! If I can be of any help, please let me know. I actually got all choked up reading your site. Thank you for doing this work." Sincerely, Linda Levine Keegan

"The Boston YMHA Alumni Association, Inc. which has been in existence since 1959, has voluntarily dissolved. As we were originally a Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan organizatin representing that whole area, we feel very strongly about supporting an organization such as yours to keep memories alive and pass information along to our sucessors.

The enclosed check will be our final bequest to your organization, which we hope will continue to flourish and accomplish the goals it has set." Sincerely, Gordon Cohen

"My sister forwarded your email to me. I would love to see the movie. Franklin Field to me was the big thing for the Jewish Holidays - not the 4th of July.

I was born on Quincy St. in Roxbury (not Dorchester), moved to Washington St. by the "Jerry" when I was 6, onto Greenock St. (by the Field) when I was 11 (I attended Girls Latin High School and then switched to Hyde Park High for 10-12th grades). At 18 my sisters and I lived on Norfolk. During all these years, I hung out at the YMHA on Seaver St., then the YMHA Hecht House, on to the Piece O Pizza on Blue Hill Ave. by Havelock - the older kids hung at the G&G or Ye Old Brown Jug, and we all went to Simcos for the best hot dogs and fried clams anywhere. I'd have to look and see if I have any pictures - mostly what I have is memories of the "Ave" all the way from Roxbury with the Kosher markets and Morse's grocery to Mattapan where I spent many Friday nights at the Oriental Theatre (everyone made out in the balcony). I did go all the way to the skating rink in Milton - but that was where the "rich people" lived.

I left Boston in 1969 and have basically lived in San Diego, CA. ever since. San Diego is my home. It is hard to explain to anyone how great it was to grow up in high density population in the Jewish ghetto. I always say "Take Fairfax and put it in the Northeast and you'd have my neighborhood."

Cindy (Cohen) Bennett (class of 1965, Hyde Park High School)


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