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Excerpts and other stories...

These stories have been taken, as excerpts from the books, "Ghetto Memories" or "Ghetto Memories Revisited" with permission from the author as well as from other research.

The Oriental Theatre
During the "golden" age of great movie houses, "atmospherics" were the ones with a strong romantic theme...incorporating the features of lighting and architecture to create an illusion that the patrons were seated outdoors in an exotic locale. "I went to the Oriental Theater all the time as a child and as a teenager....."
Pearl Harbor Announced
"In the first book 'Ghetto Memories', the story was told of what the people who were at the Morton Theatre did on Sunday afternoon, December 7, 1941, when the movie was stopped and the announcement of the bombing of Pearl Harbor was made..."
Franklin Field and "The Wall"
"Everyone, regardless of where you lived in the DRM area, remembers the Field on the Fourth of July. To many other boys and girls, ..."
The Hecht House - (from Gloria (Finn)Stineman)
"The story begins in the early 1920's. Celia Stineman, who today is an active 87 year old and maried 60 years was Celia Finn at the time this occurred. She was six years old with three brothers..."
Politics - Julius Ansel - (from Barbara Ansel)
"There were definitely other politicians that came out of Ward 14, but if you ask our generation what politician they can recall, I am sure a significant majority will say, Julie Ansel....."
The Depression Years
"Most people who lived in the DRM had two similar characteristics. First the majority were renters, and second, they were blue collar workers who put in long hours, many days ofthe week l....."
Horse and Wagon
"During this period, horse and wagons were prevelent throughout the area. All types of businesses used them....."
Elementary School
"Many academic changes have gone into effect over the years. From the use of computers to the earlier options to teach kids to read....."
Temple Chai Odom
"Who would have believed that it was the Fitzgerald/Kennedy family that had an impact on its creation and location."



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